Jada Collins: It Takes a Village

Last Updated: 9/11/2020 1:39 AM


When Jada Collins joined Children's Aid College Prep Charter School (CACPCS) in 2016 as a kindergartener, it came as good news to her mother, Ms. Gatlin, who advocated for quality education and hands-on support for her daughter.

Right from the start, CACPCS staff surrounded Jada with a team of caring adults, including a dean, life coach, and teachers to support her success.

Jada’s teachers, family and other staff assisted with an Individualized Educational Plan. Her life coach developed an attendance plan, as well as a behavior support plan, after a comprehensive evaluation by Children’s Aid behavioral health services.

Today Jada is flourishing. “I do not think she would have gotten this level of specialized intervention at other schools in my neighborhood,” states Ms. Gatlin. Jada aspires to graduate college and become an Art Teacher.

Every year, children at CACPCS show their resilience, their talent, and their enormous potential. With the right supports in place, Jada and her mother will continue to be closely followed, now through graduation. Congrats to Jada and Ms. Gatlin!