Leighton and Grandma Neil

Last Updated: 9/11/2020 1:46 AM

Support that works for students and parents

When Leighton and Joseph’s grandmother obtained custody, she was already parenting their three other siblings. Now she was “mom” to all five.

As a grandparent raising children, Ms. Neil was feeling stressed. And when Leighton began to experience challenges in school, Ms. Neil began to expect to get a call from the school every day.

She knew she needed help, but didn’t know where to turn to get that support. When Leighton was accepted to CACPCS a few months into the school year, Ms. Neil didn’t hesitate to move him. She knew that a Children’s Aid school was the right choice for their family. “I could tell it was a good environment for him…and for me!”

Our Life Coaches conducted family therapy sessions at their home, assigned Leighton a support-professional in the classroom, and Leighton’s improvement continued. “When you use other mental-health services, there is a waiting list,” Ms. Neil notes. “At CACPCS, I tell the Life Coaches the issue, and they come over that day! Ms. Neil was also able to join a parent-support group, and she began to process her experience as a grandparent raising five children. She learned new ways to deal with Leighton’s behavior. “That group helped me realize I’m not the only one dealing with this.”

Leighton no longer needs in-classroom assigned support, and during the summer he attended Children’s Aid’s Wagon Road Camp along with 39 of his schoolmates, where he experienced more independence. He even joined our basketball team.

With the right supports in place, scholars at CACPCS demonstrate their resilience, their talent, and their enormous potential.