Student Support Services

Last Updated: 9/10/2020 9:40 PM

March 2020

School Meals

The New York City Department of Education is committed to making three free meals available daily for all NYC children.

  • Beginning March 23, meals will be distributed at more than 400 sites across the city.
  • Three meals a day, including breakfast, will be available to all NYC children
  • Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 1:30 pm at locations across the city.
  • Use the site's lookup tool to find a location near you!
  • No registration, ID, or documentation required.
  • All three meals a day may be picked up at the same time.
  • No dining space is available, so meals must be eaten off premises.
  • Parents and guardians may pick up meals for their children‎ and the menu is posted as well for families to review.


Regional Enrichment Centers (child care support)

In order to successfully fight COVID-19, our first responders, health care providers, transit workers, and other key personnel must be able to come to work. As a result, the New York City Department of Education has created Regional Enrichment Centers—places where the children of these front-line workers can be safely cared for while their parents continue to serve the city in this time of need.

Staffed by DOE employees and community-based organization partners, the centers will provide children with three daily hot meals, remote learning time with their teachers, activities like art, music, and physical education, and social and emotional support.

Beginning Monday, March 23, Regional Enrichment Centers are opening across every borough, with at least two sites in every school district. Our 1919 Prospect location has been identified as one of these centers.

  • Any CACPCS family that needs child care and meet the criteria for REC eligibility (e.g. parent is a first responder, works for the MTA or health care) can apply to enroll their child and they will assign them to an REC near them that may or may not be our Prospect location.
  • The staffing ratio is one staffer to 12 children.
  • The children should take their devices with them to the REC each day so they can complete their remote learning work and some recreational activities will be provided. The students served at the REC will also receive three meals per day.

More details are provided here:


High School Offers

8th graders can view their offers now with their MySchools accounts. Offer letters will also be mailed to scholars' homes.

CACPCS's High School Coordinator will be reaching out to the family of each 8th grader to confirm their offers and answer any questions about the process of accepting offers during the week of March 23rd. Offer letters include:

  • Any high school and/or Specialized High Schools offer(s)
  • Information about any programs where you have been waitlisted, if applicable.
  • What to do next and how to add yourself to additional waitlists.

Here is what 8th grade families should do next:

  • Get your offer letter
  • If you have more than one offer, you can accept or decline them
  • See the waitlists you're already on
  • Add yourself to additional waitlists between now and the end of July
  • Check where you are on any waitlist

Schools will be in touch directly if they can make you a waitlist offer; you will have one week to accept or decline it. High schools' waitlists close at the end of July.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out by calling the Main Office, but again our High School Coordinator will be reaching out to each family during the week of March 23, 2020.