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Our Values

Our core values communicate our school’s mission, standards, and desired outcomes. We aspire to live the values of Compassion, Achievement, Curiosity, Perseverance, Courage and Service as a school community. These shared values provide the foundation for the positive, safe, and engaging school culture, climate, and community we are working to cultivate together.



Our Vision

The vision of the Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School is to ensure that ALL children have the opportunity to achieve the American dream. By fostering each child’s holistic development early in their academic careers, and by promoting learning and cognitive development, social and emotional skills development, and health and wellness supported by meaningful parent or caregiver engagement, The Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School will put its students on the path to college success. We believe that college graduation will provide our students the best opportunities to live the life of their dreams.

Our Mission

The Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School is a Children’s Aid Society community school whose mission is to prepare elementary school students for success in middle school, high school, college and life by providing them with a rigorous instructional experience; addressing their physical, emotional and social needs; fostering a sense of pride and hope; and serving as a safe and engaging community hub.



Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School is on the journey to become an anti-racist institution. We believe our community of students, employees and parents deserve a school environment where everyone is valued.

We acknowledge that institutional structures in the United States are historically racist and we want to do our part by purposefully identifying, discussing and challenging issues of race and color, realizing the impact these issues have on the organization, its systems, and its people. We challenge ourselves to correct inequities we discover within CACPCS and gain a better understanding of ourselves during the process.

As we continue to learn, we do believe in the diversity of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, experiences and the inclusion of people regardless of color, gender, language, national origin, sexual orientation, abilities or age.

We are committed to building true partnerships with our community by integrating anti-racist work into everything we do. Through a diversity council, staff affinity groups, examining school policies and procedures, ongoing workshops and clinical trainings, and consultation services, we study and confront issues of race, racism, systemic inequities, disparities and community-wide and intergenerational impact.